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If you have received a Notice To Appear (NTA) before an Immigration Judge, this means that you must appear at the next scheduled date for your removal hearing. If you choose not to appear for your hearing, it is likely that the immigration judge will issue an in absentia ordering your removal from the United States.

Please review the contents of your NTA carefully and immediately contact our immigration litigation attorneys in Manhattan, NY. If you fail to appear at your scheduled hearing, you may be issued an order for your immediate removal, and you will have limited opportunities to apply for deportation/removal relief or other defenses.

Once you have retained our firm, one of our experienced litigation lawyers will attend the scheduled hearing with you. As reputable litigation lawyers NYC clients have relied on for many years, we can help you assess your options and decide how to proceed best, given your situation. In some events, an individual hearing will be held where testimony will be taken. Having the right experienced removal defense lawyer could make all the difference as to whether you succeed or not.

If you have received a Notice to Appear or suspect you might get one soon, do not wait to call (212) 227-8020 or contact our deportation defense attorneys online.

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