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    Thank you guys for what you have done for me!

    Giuseppe S.

    Mr. Nicelli and Monika were extremely patient in answering all of my legal questions and concerns pertaining to my visas. They were very informative and steered me in the right direction. They helped me to get the J1 visa, then the O-1 and in the end the Green Card. I highly appreciated their advice and time taken and would recommend this law firm to anyone. Thank you guys for what you have done for me!


      Agustina G.

      Amazing! LGBT friendly, he worked with my case and we received everything so quickly. I live in NJ and came all the way to NY so he could work on my case. He is also working on my mother's case and he hasn't disappointed us. Highly recommend Mr. Nicelli. Also, Oscar was a wonderful help as well. Thank you again for everything.

        John Nicelli is a GREAT LAWYER, he got my wife processed after we got married.

        George L.

        John Nicelli is a GREAT LAWYER, he got my wife processed after we got married. I am so greatful that my life has changed thanks to John Nicelli. I tried others who took my money and did nothing. John took my case and promised me i had nothing to worry about. He called me to update my information and kept me up to date as my case progressed. What a guy, he's like a superman lawyer. He is known to do the same for all. He takes pride and represents you like a gentleman, but his cape is under his suit

          A job well done!

          Joey M.

          I would like to say that i had a situation with my wife, she was being deported and all the immigration lawyers we spoke to said we could not be helped, of course after collecting her money. We were referred to Mr. John Nicelli Immigration Lawyer in Manhattan. Thank god after reviewing our case he said, no problem i can stop the deportation and have you legalized. Thanks to Mr. John Nicelli who took the time and effort to see who, what, when, and where and why this all came about. His ability to understand all the rules and regulations of immigration law helped us to live a normal life after his work. A job well done.

            Being represented by John Nicelli & the results were invaluable.

            Vanzi M.

            My family has been acquainted with John Nicelli's office for over 10 years now and we continue to recommend him to others. He has helped me with my own immigration status and the usually lengthy process was swift and favorable. Being represented by John Nicelli and the results were invaluable.

              Mr. Nicelli really cares for his clients.

              Joanna B.

              We have used Mr. John Nicelli for a case for my husband's green card. First we went to Mr. Nicelli after another attorney made a mess out of our cases. But Mr. Nicelli after another all his great knowledge of the immigration law was able to make things work out after being denied two times. He has the most consideration for his clients, undivided attention always. His staff is also very outstanding. At the end of all the problems we had from other attorneys Mr. Nicelli was magnificent in his character and was able to clear up all our problems. I would highly recommend Mr. Nicelli to all as an extraordinary individual .My husband did receive his green card and we are very happy and we owe it all to Mr. Nicelli who really cares for his clients.

                An honest lawyer that really helps people in need.

                Juan I.

                I was looking for a good immigration attorney to process my change of status. I was recommended John Nicelli. I was very pleased to be treated like a president. John and his staff were not only courteous and professional, they were very helpful in all my questions and my paper work was always in good standards. I want to recommend to all my friends and family, and hope that John will reach out to others like me that need an honest lawyer that really helps people in need.